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Steps to be followed to Convert Mp3 to Text Format

Steps to be followed to Convert Mp3 to Text Format

In simple words, the conversion of recorded audio files into text is known as Audio transcription. Mostly, it involves the transcription of digital as well as non digital formats such as WAV, AU, MP3, Micro Cassettes, standard tapes and VHS. In the industry lingo, this audio transcription process is defined as the transcription of any recorded audio (excluding medical recording/dictations).

Now days, the Audio transcription (as a term) is undeniably extremely common. Generally, it encompasses a host of several other distinct categories as well such as digital and non-digital audio transcription and almost all the recording types (meetings, interviews, dictations, conferences, teleconferences etc.) Being a veteran audio transcription service provider, we’ve the knowledge of all the paradigms associated to the process of audio transcription. The following list includes the types of recordings that we actually transcribed:-

  • Conferences
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Podcasts
  • Radio shows
  • Dictations
  • Discussions
  • Focus group, and Seminars

Until and unless, the customized formatting isn’t requested explicitly, we adhere to the following document formats and notations:-

  • Deliberately, we transcribe verbatim in a recorded speech i.e. by including sounds like ahhs..umms and pauses as well.
  • With time stamping and a bold font, we mark the doubtful sentences/ words.
  • Our standard font size is Times New Roman.
  • We portray the personal interviews in the question and answer format and according to the client’s requirement, we  do and don’t identify the names.
  • The inaudible and indiscernible part are marked as [Inaudible] and [Indiscernible] in the transcript.
  • Only on request, we do the Stamping/Time coding.
  • US spelling and style is followed by us.
  • From our website only, you can pick up any format as there’re plenty of options available.

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Conferences – Ten Useful Tips for Successful Recording

Conferences – Ten Useful Tips for Successful Recording

Generally, to record the audio of a conference, conference venue’s in-house recording system is taken into action. Mostly, while utilizing that pre-installed conference venue’s system, you’ll encounter glitches and also not receive satisfactory sound quality. Despite the fact that a recording system is pre-incorporated in the conference hall, you can enhance the sound clarity by merely practising the following 10 useful tips:-

  • Ensure to take the assistance of professionals while recording the conferences and seminars. In the presence of a professional, you can easily know whether everything is going perfectly or not.
  • Always utilize, fit for the purpose recording equipments. If possible, try to record the seminar or conference with the digital recorders because they reduce cost, minimise the audible numbers, cut the transcription time and deliver excellent audio.
  • Pick-up uncompressed digital setting- Never compromise on the sound quality merely to save some bucks. Channelize the highest uncompressed quality levels offered by the recorders.
  • Take the suitable digital audio level and file type into contemplation. Use those digital files which you think are compatible with the transcription software such as MP3, WMA, DSS and WAV.
  • Before the seminar, do check the recording equipments meticulously. If you’re utilizing the in-house recording equipments then it’s not an issue because their operators usually do that.
  • For better and clear sound, provide individual microphones to all the prominent figures (panel members and speakers) in the conference.
  • Reduce the noise level while recording the sound.
  • In case, you’re an outsider and wish to record the conference, do get in contact with the organisers and ask for a conference transcript.
  • Prohibit the usage of micro-cassettes and mini tapes.
  • Don’t forget to turn-off the time stamp bleep.

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Digital Recording for Transcription of Focus Groups – Top Ten Tips

Digital Recording for Transcription of Focus Groups – Top Ten Tips

While targeting a focus group for recording, you must contemplate the following ten tips:-

  • Before you begin with the recording, approach the participants of the targeted group and ask them whether they’ll mind getting recorded for later transcription or not. It’s better to ask before because you ought to abandon the recording if they’ll object later.
  • Do introduce yourself and give them the background information why you need to record them before you actually switch on the record button.
  • Tell each person to introduce himself/herself, if you want the speaker to get identified while transcribing.
  • Before you begin with the recording, lay down the ground rules to the participants to avoid all sorts of troubles.
  • For clear recording, you ought to plug in the external mikes because the internal microphones don’t catch the surrounding sounds. Use a series of microphones if you’re recording with more than four people.
  • For recording, try to look out for a quite ambience because background noises drastically reduce the sound quality.
  • Use only that recorder which is compatible with your computer.
  • Use a file format that can be compressed. It’ll assist you to transfer the recorded files over the internet to the transcriptionist.
  • Rigorously test and check your recording devices whether they are working perfectly or not.
  • Do not record till the time participants are eating or don’t serve the food when the participants are getting recorded.

more on focus group transcription

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How to Record Digital Audio from VHS Tape for Transcription

How to Record Digital Audio from VHS Tape for Transcription

To record a Digital Audio from VHS Tape, you need the following items:-

  •  A computer
  • A VHS player
  • A twin phono to 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Stereo Jack Lead
  • A SCART phono out adaptor
  •  Gold wave or Audacity (Sound Editing software’s)

Once you get the above mentioned gadgets and software’s, you can be with the ultimate process. First of all, you ought to place the VHS cassette into the player and then you are required to SCART adaptor into the SCART jack. You also need an S-video card in case you’re planning to convert your PC into output. After that, plug the red and white sockets into the similar collared jacks located on the SCART adaptor.

After completing the settings, you begin with the editing process using Gloldwave or Audacity. While editing, you ought to keep several things in mind and above all you ought to be proficient in editing. The editing software’s, Gold wave and Audacity are a bit different from each other but the fundamentals are similar. If you know editing, you wont’ face any trouble while using any of these software’s.

Once you are through with the editing, recording phase comes up. In this, you simply need to record the VHS sound in your sound editing software by playing the VHS cassette. By doing this, your VHS will get recorded into the digital audio.

The moment your recoding process comes to an end, press the stop button on your VHS machine and software.

In the end, don’t forget to save your file otherwise you’ll have to face the repercussions.

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Transcription of Focus Groups – Make Sure Your Recording is Up To Scratch

Reckon the following tips before you actually start conducting a focus group:-

  • While conducting a focus group, if you need to produce a transcript for the analysis then right from the start, you ought to take the transcription aspects into regard.
  • Moderating an information-rich and productive session is a really frustrating task. Actually, you merely have to trace whether the transcription has came back from the transcriptionist or not. Furthermore, you also have find out, is your recording unusable?
  • Focus group transcription is unquestionably a tricky business, a professional transcriptionist takes around 4 hours to transcribe a personal interview.
  • Now, if we take a focus group into contemplation, the transcription process will take more than 4 hours to get completed. Its happens because the transcriptionist comes across distinct accent & voices and he also have to judge which person is speaking at a particular point of time.
  • In the transcription process, the more irritating part comes when the transcriptionist have to listen the voices coming from the mouths full of food and eatables. During this phase, the transcription turns a bit trouble-some as you’ve to make out who’s talking with mouth full.
  • While recording, if good recording systems were used, the transcription process becomes a bit easier because the transcriptionist will get to hear clear and recognizable voices. While recording, the recording people ensure that the meeting must be conducted in a quite self-contained room (without any sort of distraction).
  • In case it’s requisite to know who is talking or speaking then it not that difficult to figure out because usually, you’ve around eight people altogether or 6 people of similar sex speaking.

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Recording interviews for transcription

Indeed, the uncertainty level is very high in an interview. You never know what an interviewer will ask you. Most of the time it happens that an interviewer don’t ask anything regarding the job but ask personal questions. So an interview is always unpredictable. But still, there’re several things that you can reckon before and during an interview. These things are imperative for both: an interviewer as well as interviewee.

Before going for an interview, you must prepare a checklist in which you must include List of questions, Recording equipment, Microphones, Microphone cables Headphones, Spare Batteries Labeled tapes or Mini Discs and Marking pen or pencil. These articles will thoroughly prepare your for an interview.

The moment you walk in for an interview, there’re certain things that you ought to keep in the mind before and during the interview.

  •  Switch off your mobile phone before you get inside for an interview
  • Place the microphones at a vantage position
  • Proper sitting arrangements
  • While interviewing, ensure that the conversation is being recorded
  • Simply being your talk with introduction
  • Don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking
  • Always ask sensible and thoughtful  questions 
  • Be attentive while listening and portray yourself as a very attentive candidate who likes to listen to the person.

These are the certain tips that you must contemplate while giving an interview. Remember; store your recorded tapes in a cool place after labelling the same. So, will you follow the above mentioned instructions before walking in for an interview?

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