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Adding Transcripts & Captioning to Videos for That ‘real’ Global Presence

Eminent corporate houses and hardcore professionals are now channelizing the advanced techniques to create the corporate presentations leaving the conventional methods (PowerPoint presentations) behind. Earlier, slide shows were known as Presentations but now a day’s presentations include short films, short documentaries and video clips as well.

Merely stuffing the videos and short films in the presentation won’t work, what will provide a cutting edge to your presentation is an audio transcript and captioning. A captioning and the transcript of the audio will undeniably do wonders to your presentation and make it internationally styled. While creating the audio transcript and captions, please ensure that the language is correct. If your presentation targets international audience then remember, the natives of USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Anglophone Caribbean and Ireland understands and speaks the language (English) more fluently than the inhabitants of the other nations.

If an audio transcript is provided alongside the presentation, it’ll assist the viewers of other countries to comprehend the speaker’s accent and the whole presentation in totality. Additionally, if videos with subtitles and captions are incorporated in the presentation then it’ll undoubtedly magnetize more viewers including the ones with impaired hearing. In the United States, captioning (of all pre-recorded video) is mandatory because they believe that usually out of five people one person got hearing impairments. Furthermore, captions also assist the non English viewers to understand the video effortlessly (without language constraints).

On the whole, captioning increases the viewership of your presentation for which you always crave. More on Video Transcription.