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Fundamentals of Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcription can be defined as the conversion of a spoken language source like lectures or group discussion into hard copy or written form. It can also be used to refer to the conversion of any written source into some other form of medium like making a digital version of a dissertation or thesis. It can also be used to define the transcription of discussions held in educational institutions, seminars, lectures, universities, and colleges where the academic transcription is only used for academic purposes.

All educational institutions like universities, colleges, schools and the individuals who are associated with them like students, professors, and teachers may require academic transcription in their various fields. Research institutions and universities normally record their research and educational materials to be used for analysis and further studies.

Audio recording has presented a number of opportunities for learners today. Things like focus group discussions and class lectures that have been recorded are very valuable to students. Transcription of these materials can assist the students who suffer from impaired hearing as well as those who have difficulties in learning. The entire process normally helps the students to concentrate on their studies so that they do not have to spend a lot of time taking notes.

Academic transcriptions may include:

Lecture transcription– audio is normally considered speech or lecture where one or many people address a crowd in succession. This can refer to multiple speakers who are in a panel or roundtable discussion. The transcribed lectures can be used by the people who were not present so that they can also pass their judgments.

Dissertation transcription– this is transcription of thesis or dissertation material that are normally handed in by students to text formats. Submission of dissertations is one of the requirements of students who are pursuing PHD programs. This means that dissertation transcription is required by the universities so as to certify students in various subjects.

Seminar transcription– there are 2 major types of seminars i.e. multiple speakers and since speaker seminars. Recorded video and audio tapes from the seminars are usually transcribed so that they can be distributed among other colleagues to be used for further analysis.

Focus group transcription– this can either be done from video tapes or audio tapes. Moreover when a video source is in use, it is usually much easier to identify the person who was speaking to make out what they were saying exactly so that they can be identified correctly in the transcript.