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How to Record Digital Audio from VHS Tape for Transcription

To record a Digital Audio from VHS Tape, you need the following items:-

  •  A computer
  • A VHS player
  • A twin phono to 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Stereo Jack Lead
  • A SCART phono out adaptor
  •  Gold wave or Audacity (Sound Editing software’s)

Once you get the above mentioned gadgets and software’s, you can be with the ultimate process. First of all, you ought to place the VHS cassette into the player and then you are required to SCART adaptor into the SCART jack. You also need an S-video card in case you’re planning to convert your PC into output. After that, plug the red and white sockets into the similar collared jacks located on the SCART adaptor.

After completing the settings, you begin with the editing process using Gloldwave or Audacity. While editing, you ought to keep several things in mind and above all you ought to be proficient in editing. The editing software’s, Gold wave and Audacity are a bit different from each other but the fundamentals are similar. If you know editing, you wont’ face any trouble while using any of these software’s.

Once you are through with the editing, recording phase comes up. In this, you simply need to record the VHS sound in your sound editing software by playing the VHS cassette. By doing this, your VHS will get recorded into the digital audio.

The moment your recoding process comes to an end, press the stop button on your VHS machine and software.

In the end, don’t forget to save your file otherwise you’ll have to face the repercussions.