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Audio & Video File Formats for Transcription

We accept all recorded audio formats for transcription services, our preferred choice however is MP3, because the transcription software that is used is compatible with MP3 formats and any audio that is sent to us in any of the formats listed below, is converted into MP3 by us.

All audio and video formats are accepted for transcription; (including encrypted audio)

  • Audio Files
  • Video Files (.avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .asf)
  • Wave Files (.wav)
  • MPEG Layer-3 Files (.mp3, .mp2, .mpga)
  • Ogg Vorbis Files (.ogg)
  • Sony Recorder formats (msv, dvf)
  • Windows media Audio Files (.wma)
  • Apple AIFF Files (.aif, .aiff)
  • Sun AU Files (.au)
  • Real Audio Files (.ra, .ram, .rm, .rmj)
  • FLAC Files (.flac)
  • AAC Files (.aac, .m4a)
  • DSP TrueSpeech*, GSM 6.10, (.gsm)
  • Dialogic Vox Files (.vox)
  • Raw Audio Files (.raw)
  • MIDI Files (.mid)
  • Philips Digital Recorder format
  • Olympus, Lanier & Grundig (.dss)
  • VoiceIt Files (.sri)
  • Dictation Files (.dct)
  • Record Files (.act, .rcd, .rec)
  • Shorten Files (.shn)
  • Sanyo Digital Recorder format
  • AMR Narrowband Audio Files (.amr)
  • IMS Files (.moh)
  • Musepack Files (.mpc)
  • Monkey's Audio Files (.ape)
  • Speex Audio Files (.spx)
  • Windows media Video Files (.wmv, .asf)
  • MPEG Video Files (.mpg, .mpeg)
  • Audio Video Interleave Files (.avi)
  • Quicktime Files (.mov)
  • DVD Files (.vob, .divx)
  • PCM, uLaw
  • 3G Mobile Phone Video files (.3gp)

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