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Transcription Service

  • Why do these industries or professionals require a transcript?
    • Television & radio programmers require it for multiple post production processes for instance, adding captions and sub-titles to video and television programs.

      Solicitors and legal companies, including the police departments require a documented transcript for court proceedings,

      Doctors and healthcare companies to maintain medical records of patients,

      Students and universities for dissertations, thesis and academia research,

      Corporate and businesses need them to document board meeting minutes, marketing or earning call announcements


  • What is privacy policy of the company and how secure is the online data transfer and storage?
    • We have a secure FTP facility with password encryption that ensures the security of all data transfer. The files stored on our systems can be accessed with a secure password assigned to senior executives only, 30 days after the assignment is complete the files are automatically deleted. The confidentiality of all data sent to the company is never compromised; a worded agreement for the satisfaction of our clients can be signed on request.

Pricing Policy

File Formats

  • How is recorded audio quality classified?
    • We classify the audio quality in the following categories,

      Category (A): Single speaker with clear speech, and without background noise or disturbances.

      Category (B): Multiple speakers with clear speech and without background noise and disturbances.

      Category (C): Single or Multiple speakers with background noise, difficult accents and disturbances.

  • And finally, how accurate are the transcripts?
    • Based on the quality of the audio, we guarantee a 99% accuracy of speech-to-text conversions, the transcripts are proof read by experienced editors before the documents are sent to customers.