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Interview Transcription Services: After an interview has been Conducted and Text is required

Do you remember the last time you sat down to watch an interview? Did it come with captions? If it did, it is likely that a company was hired to offer the transcription services.

There are various reasons why interviews are conducted. Some of the common types of interviews that interview transcription service providers normally get include; academic interviews- this is where professors may conduct research on the field to find out various trends, TV interviews- mostly found in news programs and oral history interviews- this is where a person is asked about their family history and life so as to get details that will be used for posterity. After conducting an interview, individuals may decide that they want it to be transcribed. Some of the most basic reasons for this include:

1. Insight

It is usually quite challenging to understand and recognize all the details of the interview until you have gone over the transcript. In addition to being able to review what has been said for the simple fact that increased exposure often leads to understanding the material better, it is also important when you are trying to grasp everything that was uttered and not said i.e. :reading in between the lines”. It is also convenient as a person is able to read through the text at their own pace. In addition to this, it is possible to use sophisticated software on the interview transcript to determine things like the level at which the interviewer was speaking at and whether they were trying to intentionally hold back the truth among many other things.

2. Increased Traffic from Various Search Engines

Adding recordings of the audio interviews is one of the best ways to increase user engagement. This, however, raises a problem as they cannot be indexed by the various search engines as the search engines are not aware of what they have. It is possible to include text descriptions to the audio files but this is usually not enough. To make sure that the search engines can index the content that is found in the interviews it will be necessary to find a company that offers interview transcription so that you can get the text transcription that will be posted. This enables the search engines to crawl to your site so that traffic can be sent to it as individuals loll for the keywords that are found in the interviews.

3. Accessibility

The part of the community that has difficulties in hearing cannot use audio versions easily and they need to be transcribed so that they can be accessed with ease.