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Pros and Cons of Online Audio Transcription

Advantages and Disadvantages of carrying out business using an online audio transcription

There are numerous things that can be done with the internet in the modern world. Almost everything on the face of the earth can be done on the internet including children outsourcing their homework. In addition to this, there are also numerous workplace markets online where a person can bid for their work to be done at cost effective rates. It is important to learn some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of getting audio transcription services online including:


  • It is possible to get time consuming difficult and tedious tasks like audio transcriptions done for very fair prices if you know the things you need to be on the look out for.
  • You can locate many off shore companies that offer the same quality and accuracy like the onshore companies but at cheaper rates and you don’t have to go through too much hustle.
  • There are some websites that have everything streamlined thus all you need to do is upload files and wait for the work to be done. Once it is completed you will get a transcript that has been fully formatted without any problems.


  • There are numerous companies online that claim that they are onshore and only work with American transcribers but in the real sense they only lie as they work with transcribers who have been outsourced from offshore.
  • There are some companies that charge too much for high quality audio files. You can find yourself paying almost $3 per minute on the audio which is too high.
  • There are some websites that are quite messy and do not have anything streamlined. This makes uploading of files a very difficult task. Clients also have to go through a rough time when they want to upload any personal information.
  • There are some companies that work with “budget transcription”. This is usually bad for the client because once they choose this option, they will most likely get non proofread and unfinished transcripts that have low quality and accuracy. This is because the clients normally pay less.
  • It is therefore important for the clients to take time when searching for the company that they want to work with. You can look for testimonials written by people who have worked with the companies before. Always make an informed decision to ensure you get your money worth.