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Customized Business Transcription Services for your Requirements

Your business can save a lot of money with customized transcription services that are tailor made for your specific requirements as this ensures it gets its data transcribed promptly and accurately. This means that you will always have the data whenever you need it. You also get to account for affordable services that are offered in line with the business needs. Once you have outsourced the business, it becomes easier to concentrate on the most important tasks for your business.

Different Business Transcription Applications

A business transcription company normally offers transcription services for:

  • Market research
  • Vox pops
  • Internet information
  • Group discussions
  • Symposiums
  • Telephone calls
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences

Business transcriptions are some of the services that almost all business need. Transcription of services also takes up a lot of time and resources. This can be quite straining for small as well as medium sized companies. Outsourcing the services is probably one of the best decisions that you will make for the business.

How can you tell that a business transcription company is efficient?

Some of the qualities the service provider should have include: trained transcriptionists who are quick and accurate, supervisors, editors, and technical infrastructure for safe and secure transcription. Outsourcing business transcription services works for different industries like medical, manufacturing, legal, travel, IT, tourism and travel, doctors and students among many others.

Live transcription, Verbatim and Non Verbatim Transcripts

You can get live transcription for things like teleconferences, meetings, speeches, telephone conversations and any other communication sessions. The companies also transcribe audio files that have been sent through various data storage methods like CD, DVD, mini tapes, cassettes or file transfer protocol (FTP). For the verbatim transcripts, all the words and expressions of the speaker have to be captured. Using sophisticated recording technology and microphones unimportant conversations and background voices can be removed from the recordings for the non verbatim transcripts.

Advantages of a Good Business Transcription Firm

  • They provide extensive training to their transcriptionists to make sure that your work is only handled by the best.
  • They handle all types of projects that are thrown their way
  • It has time stamping options
  • Meet deadlines
  • You can choose between international and domestic transcription production
  • Telephone and call recording rules are followed strictly
  • Your work is handled with confidentiality
  • Efficient document flow management