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Essence of Audio Quality when it comes to Transcription

Is audio quality important when it comes to the entire transcription process?

The importance of uploading high quality files cannot be stressed enough one of the reasons why this has been explained time and again. This article will be handling the time factor for the audio transcription services; this is the total time that will be taken to work o the audio files and convert them to text format. Time is usually proportional among many other factors to the quality of the recordings.

For instance, if a poor quality recorder was used for an interview, and or the facilitator did not pay close attention to the placement of the recorder so that all the speakers in the interview were not captured. It could also be that the facilitator forgot to deal with the background noise or people were just cross talking so that the final recording just becomes a mess. There could also be some speakers who could be very faint so that you do not really get what they are talking about. This usually means that the person who will be working on the recordings will have such a difficult time because they cannot hear what exactly was going on thus a lot of time will be needed for transcription services.

It is important to note that having an audio file that has been recorded for 30 minutes does not mean that it will take 30 minutes for the transcription process. This is because it usually requires about 2 hours for the work to be done accurately in the case where there is high quality recording and the person working on it does not have too much trouble going through the entire recording. This is simply because even when the transcriber is very fast they cannot be able to keep up with the speed of the speaker and will have to rewind or pause to make sure they get everything that the speaker was saying. The speed of the speaker can also make the work more difficult especially if they are talking to fast. The speakers should therefore speak slowly or in a manner that they can be understood without a problem.

In addition to this the transcriber has to make sure that proper nouns and specialty terms, places, names have to be spelled out in the correct way. This also takes up time in cases where a person has to do research to make sure they get the correct spelling. These are some of the things that affect the speed of the transcription services.