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Choosing the Right Verbatim Transcription Services for Your Business

Transcription services are used in diverse industries for documentation purposes. However, with different types of transcription services available it can be a daunting task contracting a transcription service provider for your business. It is important to understand the different styles of transcription available in order to choose the right transcription services for your business.


This type of transcription involves having the transcriptionist typing down each and every word from a recording including ambient and non-verbal sounds. In essence, this type of transcription does not involve any type of editing and the end product is simply a written version of the recording. The transcriber has to be keen and pay attention to every detail to ensure that an accurate transcription of the recording is made. This type of transcription is best for movies, research, and market interview recordings.

Readable/ Intelligent Verbatim

In this type of transcription ambient sounds and non-verbal communication are eliminates and the print-ready end product only focuses on what is said. The text usually does not include sounds like ‘uhm’ or ‘ah,’ focusing on important matters. However, the transcriptionist still types down words and sentences as they are said and does not reword sentences in any way. This type of transcription is often used by bloggers, authors, and journalists. It is also greatly utilized when transcribing phone memos, business meetings, sales presentations, conference calls, seminars, podcasts, and videos.

When it comes to choosing the right transcription services for your business it is important to also have the nature of your industry and personal preferences in mind. For instance, the legal industry might have court proceedings transcribed in the verbatim form to include non-verbal sounds which are important in this field. However, a journalist who simply wants to have interview recordings documented will choose the intelligent verbatim transcription because they are often more interested in what was actually said.

It is wise to ask for recommendations to ensure that you select a transcription provider who is able to meet your requirements including time constrains. In as much as cost is an important factor when choosing a transcription provider it is wiser to go for quality. More on Verbatim Transcription Services